Saturday, 22 February 2014


The custom made doors for the alcove cabinets & the bookcase in my bedroom have arrived and are in the process of being painted up.  They are beautiful and much better than anticipated with a lovely deep sculptural finish.   Each unit has 4 doors so I have a dozen doors to paint over the next few weekends.

Style: Manor

I always enjoy shopping for hardware as it's the chance to seek out something special.  I love these black & white bone handles which were my choice for my bedroom bookshelf cabinet.

Bone inlay checkered knob

Anthropologie at 158 Regents Street, London has a great selection of quirky and colourful cabinet knobs.

Cabinet candy

For the Living Room cabinets, these beautiful cut glass cubes were ordered from India via Ebay.

Like ice

 And as I prepare for a day of painting, my companion kitty, Pepper positions herself nearby for a spot of sun bathing!

Sunday, 2 February 2014


It's unbelievable just how mild the temperatures are for this time of year!  It can only mean the worse is still to come.  Knowing in advance that the forecast for this weekend was dry and sunny, I thought it would be the right opportunity to do what I should have done in late Autumn: prepare the garden by covering up the garden furniture and protecting the palms with fleeces against frost and harsh weather.

Date Palm and Chinese Fan Palm get protected against frost.

Dutch irises have already started sprouting

The Japanese Maple has now lost all its leaves and the Sasa Palmata bamboo is looking a bit weathered but it is holding up well and will recoup its lush bouncy foliage in Spring.

Snow?  Bring it on because I'm ready!

Due to the exceptionally mild weather, I noticed that a lot of plants have started shooting early.  Unfortunately it's not good if it does show.

Clematis Etoile Violette new growth

Cardoon Thistle


New growth on climbing roses.

They say in London you are never more than 6ft away from a rat.  In the Garden of Anxiety, this old adage seems to be more true of foxes than rats. Often you can be pottering away outside and suddenly you become aware that one has been there all the time.  Normally I don't mind them except when they start digging up my plants, which can be infuriating.   

Foxy fox

A day well spent in the garden and now I'm ready for any harsh weather that may come my way.  It is also exciting to think that in a few months Spring will be here and the garden will become alive with growth and colour.  I'm anxious to see what hapened to all those bulbs I planted in the autumn. 

Better late than never.