Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I've always liked the architectural, uncluttered look of shutters and that was my original intention for dressing the windows.  These often work well with short wide windows like the ones I have. 

However, anyone with a cat will know how much they love to sit at windows staring outside - especially in Winter when the radiators are on.  It seemed cruel to deprive her of that simple pleasure so I revised my ideas and looked for the next best thing.  After all, the first rule of interior design is to establish how the space is to be used and that also includes consideration of your pets, as Pepper probably uses the windows more than anybody else.

The next best thing is wooden Venetian blinds.  This way they can be raised to a suitable height to give the Pepper kitty enough space to sit under and survey the world outside.  Decora Sunwood produce the Contour range; stylish curved wide slats that mimicking the look of shutters and that's what I've gone for throughout.  

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