Sunday, 19 June 2011


Avoid the splash with this Twyford Geo6 4 folding screen.  Ideal for the spacially challenged as it folds away neatly after use.  And with a lifetime guarantee, what more could you want!

Available from:-


Inspired by the progress of the bathroom, I excitedly headed off to TK Maxx this weekend in search of bathroom accessories. TK Maxx has some wonderfully cut-price designer bargains - mainly discontinued lines and previous collections. 

Bathrooms often end up as cluttered places, with an assortment bottles of all shapes and sizes littering up the place and I'd like to avoid that.  That's one of the reasons that I wanted an abnormally large bathroom cabinet that would make a hypochondraic proud.  Secondly, if I'm going to need things dotted around, I want things to be co-ordinated instead of a mish mash of different styles.  To avoid this, I felt it best to find a range that I liked and buy it all in one go.  It's also worth considering the practical aspects when doing so:-

I have a tiled bathroom floor and am a bit of a klutz in the mornings, so I decided to avoid going for glass or ceramic ranges.

Bedmister Scroll, too girly swirly?

Palazzo, too decaying aristocrat?

Vegas, too addictive?

Parisian, too chez de ma grandmere?

Moderno, too surgical & clinical?

I love chrome and stainless steel, but there's probably already enough chrome bling (towel radiator, bathroom cabinet, shower screen, etc) to keep a pimp happy, so I decided to forsake it this time.

In the end, simplicity won over style and with visions of myself relaxing in a Spa style bathroom, I opted for Bali which is crafted out of 100% natural bamboo.  It's in keeping with the 'square' theme of the bathroom and I think wood adds an interesting contrast to the chrome and should soften the 'bling'.  To simplify matters further, I ended up buying 3 lotion dispensers for; shower gel, shampoo, and body lotion, - as well as a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and a canister for cotton earbuds.  

Bali by Kassatex



Chrome & Bamboo - an interesting combination

The beautiful above accessories ranges are all by Kassatex

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


click to enlarge for detail

One of my many weird obsessions (and there are many!) is bedding.  Over the years, I've collected enough sheets and duvet sets to furnish a small hotel.  You could say I like to try different things in bed: Linen, Egyptian cotton, Percale, Jersey, Satin, Polyester Cotton blends and even Flannel. At one time or another I've tried them all.  I also think that a bed should appear comfortable, well dressed and to a certain degree enticing, so I couldn't resist picking up this champagne coloured throw by one of my favourite designers, Kelly Hoppen.

Throws are very useful things to have, as well as serving the bed and the sofa, they are indispensible for covering unsightly piles of boxes, suitcases, magazines, etc.  The more attractive the fabric, the nicer the messy heap can look.


Bath - Shower corner

Bath Length Wall

These aren't very good photographs because they were taken at night, but I couldn't resist posting a sneak peek of Jan, the tiler's work.  It really is an act of dedication as all the tile edges perfectly line up and he's made the uneven walls appear continously flat.  The grout lines, which are exceptionally slim, will be in the same colour as the tiles which will give the walls a seamless look.  It was definately worth waiting the six weeks to secure his services.

I'm really loving the tiles and am finding hard to stop myself from wandering back and forth into the bathroom to marvel at them.  The glossy sheen on them bounces the light around and makes the miniscule room look bright and airy.  The tiles have very subtle veins as well as lighter whitish streaks which are almost impossible to pick up with the camera, but provide some interest.  It's hard to tell at this stage if the bathroom will appear larger as the basin, the luxuriously large stainless steel cabinet, towel radiator, and chrome fixtures haven't gone in yet.  It's quite a lot to cram into such a small space, but I'm hoping that it will all work.  For the moment at this early stage, I'm more than happy at the results.     

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Bath in situ

& Toilet

The tiler starts on Monday so the bathroom is progressing nicely.  The new bath, taps, and toilet are in place until the Brian, the plumber returns to for his second fix; the hand basin; the heated towel radiator; and boxing the pipes.  In the meanwhile, I need to start shopping around for a bath panel now that I know the full height of the bath.


17th Edition compliant split way Consumer Unit with dual RCDs

New light switches in every room

At least 3 double sockets in each room

On Friday, Alan & Ian, the electricians, finished the complete electrical rewire leaving me with a big mound of spaghetti like obsolete extention cords.  From a couple of single power sockets in each room, there are now at least three double sockets for all those gadgets that comprise of modern living.  A new outside porch light; an external waterproof double power socket for outdoor working; a video door intercom system; a five-foot flourescent in the loft; and they even re-routed the internet cable through the walls and into the office.

The installation went pretty smoothly according to the electricians, but little did they know how I suffered having to get up at 6.45am every day as they always arrived so punctually at 8.00am.  Somedays, they were even parked outside by 7.45am.  A great relief at the fantastic job that they did and that it is now over.    

'Yeah, whaddayawant?'

Sunday, 5 June 2011


A hammer & chisel and the start of a revolution!

Work has finally kicked off on the bathroom with a Bank holiday weekend exhaustingly spent removing the remainder of the tiles.  Then the shock came: the old plaster behind the tiles was blown - dry, crumbling and turning into sand.  As a result, the two walls around the bath tub required scraping back to the brickwork.

Blown - and not in a good way.

Shabby Chic or just shabby shit?

Brian, the pumber started on Tuesday.  The second hitched was Thames Water had to be called in as there was a problem with turning the water off from the outside mains.  Within a couple of hours, they had sorted the problem and work could commence with the bath tub being removed.  Needless to say, for the last week all that there has been is a basin to wash in, and a bucket to flush the toilet while the walls are re-plastered before the new tub goes in.


Gerry's master plastering

The electric shower was removed and the pipework laid for the new shower.

And so comes the end of another exhausting weekend.  Tomorrow the electricians arrive to start the full rewire.