Wednesday, 17 October 2012


One of the useful functions of this blog is to act as a scrap book for design ideas.  Products that I like are collected and posted here and it's funny how visual trends start to emerge.   I've been looking at table lamps to flank either side of the Living Room sofa.  I kind of know what I'd like, but don't know if I can find it out there - which is the common dilemma.  Ideally, I'm looking for that 'I must have that' sensation which should accompany every purchase, but within keeping with the design guidelines: contemporary, clean, modern, stylish, etc.  In addition to this, it has to be cat proof - so delicate, glass lamp bases that can easily be knocked over and smashed are out.   
I think one of the obvious rules when furnishing any room is to try to stay within the design style so that the pieces don't appear incongruous: French Provincial rarely works next to Bauhaus unless you are going for that house clearance storeroom look - which I'm sure will one day be a look.  It is always useful to look at photographs of interior designs that attract you and study them to see how they've worked it out.  Most of all, I am a believer that you should surround yourself with objects that you love or that mean something to you. 
For our line-up of table lamp contenders so far, here are the beauties:-  

Evidently I have a thing about square shades...

Monday, 8 October 2012


OK I'll admit it:  I've been a lazy blogger and I didn't post at all in September.  So where were we?

Well to recap, July & August the whole place except the kitchen was re-plastered.  We are still in the process of painting, and a great deal of time has been spent finishing off the new front door.

The Office proved more problematic as some of the old plaster had blown and needed to be removed completely - causing even more dust and mess!

As you can see the original front door was quite shabby looking.  It was very drafty too in the winter, with the letterbox flapping in strong winds.

I'd never really liked the painted brickwork surround, so a simple solution seemed to be to have the surround rendered in concrete from the canopy down.

The new front door is a steel security door with a 12 point locking system, and is something akin to a vault door but with a useful spyhole and letterbox.  You can never have enough security in London!

A PIR sensor courtesy light is always a useful fixture to install as it ends the need to be fumbling around on those dark winter nights trying to match the key to the lock.

And finally, a video intercom doorbell is an essential,  especially if you live on the first floor, as it saves you schlepping down those stairs to only find it's a nuisance caller or an Avon lady!  Yes, convenience always wins out in the end.

There is still work to be completed as a black slate door step or tiles, need to be sourced and fitted. 

Two big urn style planters at either side should complete the finishing touch.

I'd still like to fill the courtyard with shrubbery in planters so it becomes a sort of secret garden behind the gate.   It's also a great place for the Pepper kitty to run around and she loves to go out there to explore.  Being predominantly a house cat, she's very intrigued by the other house kitty called Lucky that appears in the window adjacent to our Front door.  Cats in windows.

Lucky is a great looking cat with a little zen like beard and tuxedo jacket, he belongs to our lovely neighbour, Marilyn who kitty sits Pepper when we are away for long periods.