Saturday, 14 May 2011



"A rose is a rose is a rose," so said Gertrude Stein.  Was she on drugs or was she just marvelling at the beauty of them?  Nobody knows.

A bird is a bird is a blackbird

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


First build of the planter facades

Hidden Gas Meter

This is the first build of the Courtyard planter facades.  Not bad, considering that they been made out of recycled old garden fencing.  The plank on top is to get an idea of the edge and will eventually be the same colour as the planters when they are completed.  The gas meter (visible in the previous post)  has now been concealed behind a liftable flap.  The sides of the the planters will probably be squared off as they look kind of messy.  The gravel is to be replaced by tile (either terracotta or grey), and the concrete edging leveled and tidied up.

For the planters I'm thinking of low bushy evergreens that will provide a touch of winter colour and can spill over the edges. Euonymus fortunei - Emerald Gaiety and a Spotted Laurel (aucuba japonica) in the far corner which is rather shady, and probably a couple of Hebes to provide so flowering and a splash of colour.

Euonymus fortunei - Emerald Gaiety

Aucuba Japonica


Just an idea but I wonder if it would be too much to add this wonderful wall sconce water feature in the centre of that bare wall?

Sunday, 8 May 2011


The original Courtyard with broken trellis

New, replaced trellis - September 2010

Old Garden Fence

End piece of the new planters

My neighbour has started work on building his summerhouse. I decided to take off his hands all the old fences that we replaced last summer that were cluttering up his garden.  My intention is to recycle the wood and create planters along the walls of the courtyard.  Last summer, I replaced the dilapidated trellis and planted a passion flower to climb all over it. One day, I'd like to walk through that gate and be confronted by a lovely, welcoming courtyard garden filled with plants.  The area also serves as the smoking room so it gets plenty of use. 

Last weekend, I dismanted all the fences, throwing away the slats that were split and keeping the useable ones.  Overall the wood is in good condition, and just in need of a lick of paint.  I can't praise Cuprinol Garden Shades outdoor paint enough as it almost plasticates the wood so the dirt just washes off it, holds its colour well, and does not fade. 30-40 minutes is all it takes to dry.  The colours I have used are ash black (front trellis) and willow for everything else.   For the more adventurous, there is a range of colours that can be combined into some funky combinations to brighten up any outdoor area.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Some days the wave of exhilaration takes longer to come...