Wednesday, 4 November 2015


OK! So my blog is like the Twilight Zone where a whole year disappears! 

Six months ago I lost all my photographs & other work when an external storage drive became corrupted.  This kind of made me blue and reluctant to spend as much time on my computer as I normally would and as a result this blog was neglected.

However, on almost the anniversary of my year long absence, I am back! 

Needless to say work has continued regardless of the lack of blog entries.  So I thought I'd pick up from where I'd left off... Spot the difference!

The uneven red paint on the brickwork from the previous owner has now been replaced by Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry paint in Plymouth Grey which blends almost seamlessly with the concrete grey block paving.  There is a path down the center which still needs to be resurfaced but that will be a job for next summer.

Almost finished

Doorstep still needs to be cast
In the Moroccan planters are a nice selection of winter flowering evergreens: Cordyline australis at either side of the door; Skimmia Rubella; Azalea and lastly a tiny Viburnum tinus.  I'm sure in the summer there will be some additional Geraniums to add a splash of colour.  

Trellis corner
Spotted Laurels are excellent plants for shadey corners. I also have my experiment in propagated bamboo transferred from the main garden - most of which died but then started to grow again. There is also a pot of Osteospermum which is partially hidden by the conifer in the black pot.

Spot the gas meter cabinet? Painted and perfectly blended.

In addition, there is also a useful doorstep herb garden is six smaller planters:  It's very handy to grow your own Mint (for Mojitos); Parsley; Thyme; Rosemary: Chocolate Mint and Chives.  Herbs are very easy to grow and can readily replaced with fresh supermarket potted herbs when the plants begin to get old and woody (Rosemary & Thyme).

Doorstep Herb Garden