Sunday, 15 September 2013


It's a grey rainy day today, and another weekend where we can't do any work outside which is very frustrating.  Is the summer truly over?  It seemed so sudden.  Nevertheless, indoors there is plenty of work to be getting on with...

Not a great day to take photographs due to the light or lack of, but I thought I'd post some on where we are now with the Alcove project.

Finished Shelves

Just the doors to complete

Torus architrave was used to trim the sides and top to the walls, which concealed the gaps as the wall wasn't perfectly square - as is the case with old houses.

Torus Trim

Just barely detectable in these terrible photographs is the two colour contrast.  The walls at the back of the bookcases were painted in Mellow Mocha to create a greater illusion of depth. 

Mellow Mocha was used as a feature colour

A gap of 5mm was left between the wall and the bookshelf unit so that speaker cables and any other cables could be tidily concealed behind.

Mind the gap

The window ledge has now been veneered with 3mm ply and painted.  This seemed a faster and less messy way than filling and sanding out all the scratches and gouges in the wood.  I'm really pleased with the result.

Veneered window ledge

I'm also currently working on the bookshelf unit for my bedroom, which will be posted soon.



Thursday, 5 September 2013


As Summer draws to a close and the good weather could be coming to an end, the weekend work effort has switched to completing jobs in the Garden of Anxiety.  The new sturdy garden gate has arrived and needs to be painted and hung.  But before then, the last of the sandstone paving in the small area at the gate entrance needs to be laid.   The remains of the original, old concrete path have now disappeared and was the determining factor in introducing another step - as the old concrete is beneath it.

Laying the slabs

Old concrete becomes another step.

Almost complete

Frontal view.

Just four slabs left to be laid and a little concrete work to tidy up and the garden entrance will be complete.  Everything is ready for the new gate: A push button digital lock with key override; 3 x 18 inch gate hinges and a custom built gate with tenon joints to prevent sagging.  All that's needed now are a few more dry weekends.

Once these jobs are done, this should complete the hard landscaping and with much relief!  Most of the planting is in place now.  The beauty of creating a Mediterranean style patio garden is the future low maintenance.  Rather than spending my Summers mowing the lawn with regularity, I hope to be out there instead with a good book and a nice glass of wine.  An annual prune of the plants and a heavy duty clean of the patio & furniture should be all that is required.  The other advantage of paving is that you can use your garden during those wet winters without having to wade through a muddy lawn.

A big shout to my sister for gifting me this striking Cardoon which has finally bloomed.


This last photo was also taken with her in mind as she loves all things cow.  Moo recycling bins spotted close to Lewisham shopping centre.  What a great way into introduce something reminiscent of the country in an urban town centre.