Sunday, 26 November 2017

GARDEN: The Garden Shed Project ~ Part 3

What a disgrace!  I seem to forget that I have a blog to update!  

So continuing from May to October, this is what went on... like a DIY telenovela.

Chopped up shed in situ - Mid May

My recollection of this summer past is one of making endless buckets of concrete as the sub-floor foundation was poured in sections over many dry weekends. While is why it took so long because the English summer is generally unpredictable.  Since the ground was relatively uneven, some parts were 8 inches thick while others around 4 inches.  However, it was a great opportunity to smash up and throw in all the discarded broken bricks, slabs, rubble, stones and any other aggregate I could get my hands on...

Replacing a fence panel - Sept
Overall the space across is around 20ft approx and a depth of around 9ft.  I've left around 1.5ft of earth on the sides and back for leaf decomposition; falling leaves from the silver birches; as well as rain run off - it was to drain somewhere.

Patchwork of concrete
So what we have now is a rough sub-floor. The next step will be to lay down the metal rebar mesh which is to the right side, against the fence of the first photo, and sandwich it between paving slabs.  It will be during the laying of the slabs that the floor will be levelled.  

Finished sub-floor
Basic grey utility slabs waiting until next summer to be laid as there just wasn't enough time this year.  If you look closely at the picture above you'll see the Pepper Kitty surveying the space between two birches. That's about 4ft wide but we'll come back to that.

Since the Summerhouse will sit a few feet in front of the shed and trees, it did get me thinking about the space between the trees.  Why not put a second shed for additional storage in there?  It won't be possible after the Summerhouse is built so enter shed number two...

Not a toilet! Shed #2 - Oct
After measuring the space, it was decided that a 4ft x 3ft Sentry style shed could be crammed in there...just.

Bad Photoshopped mock up
At the moment the second shed is sitting in the middle of the floor until I can concrete and level the area between the trees but that's going to have to wait until next year.