Wednesday, 26 April 2017

GARDEN: The Garden Shed Project ~ Part 1

Spring arrived early this year and it is great to be pottering around the garden in April in weather that we'd normally get in May. 
The bigger picture for this Summer's garden project involves the dream of a big Summerhouse stretched across the back, providing additional space as a workshop, studio or just a super shed that can be filled with accumulated junk.
But before that can even happen a few things need to be moved around - like the existing shed.
The shed as it was
The plan is to magic it to a size that sits in the far corner between the line of Silver Birches that flank the boundary. Surprisingly, when clearing out the back area I discovered that there was already foundation of sorts buried under 6 inches of dirt; the built up of falling leaves from the trees, decomposing over the years and making excellent compost. 
The designated shed space & old paving
Poured concrete foundation
Like a magic trick, the shed was sawn in half and put back together again. 
Look closely and you can see the saw
You can see the new concrete base behind the shed
The back panel is moved forward
The discarded timber recycled to cover the old windows and replace any split slats.  
Windows gone
The new mini-shed still needs finishing but is beginning to resemble an old fashioned outhouse!    My trusted assistant, Pepper Kitty checks to see that the neighbours aren't watching...
View from the back
The base now needs to be sawn and the shed finished with corners, repainted, etc. Without the roof it should be a two man lift to get it into its new position... to come in part 2.
There is still plenty of space inside for the lawn mower, pressure washer, shovels, rakes and garden tools.  
Plenty of years left in the old thing
Part 2 coming soon...