Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Given the events of the last couple of days, the mood in London is strangely quiet as most people are choosing to stay indoors.  The bus and tube this morning on my way to work were unusually emptier and everybody is in a state of nervous alertness.  Shame has fallen on our lovely city, brought on by the mindlessness of a minority of thugs intent on reckless destruction and looting.

For most Londoners, it's business as usual as we try and continue with our lives and struggle with the horror of what has happened.

The replacement living room door was fitted at the weekend.  The orange splodges are wood filler used to fill the sunken screw heads as well as any other imperfections.  The finished doors will be painted in white satinwood.  A useful tip that was given to me by one of the stage carpenters at work was that when hanging the door the top hinge should be 6 inches from the top, and the bottom hinge 9 inches from the bottom.  Suprisingly, when seen this gives the illusion of equal spacing and he was absolutely right!

This is the first of six doors that need to be replaced.  For some unknown reason the existing doors and frames were all of different heights - which is just the type of thing that can annoy me greatly.



Between installing doors, work has started on constructing the recessed TV unit wall on the chimney breast.

Original Living Room before stripping down - incidentally, the junk is mine!

Stripped down and with sub floor laid

With extendable TV Bracket and stud work

more stud work

Example photo of a recessed TV

Recessed TV in a Kelly Hoppen interior