Saturday, 8 November 2014


Unfortunately it was started too late in Summer and the rainy weather got the better of us before we could finish the project, but here is the work that we did resurfacing the courtyard during September and early October. 
The rest will have to wait to be completed next year once the warm weather returns and we can get back out there.

In Progress

Let the paving begin...
Block paving was a good solution to resurfacing the area as it is more durable than poured concrete and less expensive than paving tiles. A pallet of 433 bricks (Bradstone)  was around £170  including delivery.  Light grey bricks were intentionally chosen as it would be easier to blend the rest of the area (borders, etc) with standard concrete, and secondly because it looked less incongruous than using red, ochre or charcoal bricks.  I imagine with time, it will gather dirt and algae and look less like new concrete and more naturally weathered. 
Before: Beaten up old concrete

Around the same time as starting this work, I'd read a London report about homeowners having their potted bay trees and ornamental plant pots stolen right off their doorsteps by brazen thieves. So I thought now would be a good time to sink a few galvanised steel ties into the concrete so any future plant pots could be chained secure.  If you look closely at the photographs you'll see the rings.
We also left a 6 inch cavity between the house wall and the block paving to deter any rising damp and in precaution not to raise the level above the damp course.
Sandtex Plymouth Grey exterior masonry paint will be used to cover and refresh the old paint that is already on the walls.  Both walls will be painted up the beginning of the trellis.
The doorstep and door area are still to be completed...
I have plans for a courtyard full of plants: The bamboo in the garden is growing at an alarming rate, both in height (now around 10ft high) and in width.  My plan is to divide the clump and transfer it into large terracotta moroccan style pots which can be dotted around the sides.