Saturday, 17 March 2012


The last couple of weekends have been intense non-stop work, so much so that I’ve had little time to blog or to do anything else.  The end result is as you see below: It doesn’t look like much but the alcove closet frame was ripped out and completely rebuilt for sliding doors, and all the major holes and cracks around the room have now been filled.  You really don’t want to be wasting your plasterers’ time & skill with crack filling when they could be obsessively focussing on getting surfaces level with the best finish that they can possibly achieve - well that's my thought.

New Frame

Old floor to ceiling closet doors



Built-in Wardrobe

Chris, the plasterer who did such an excellent job on the bathroom ceiling is back this weekend to work his magic on the walls and ceiling.   Actually as I post this, he's already made a start.

The Pepper (kitty) has developed a fixation with water and it’s been hard keeping her away from sink, bath and basin.  Despite having a bowl of fresh water daily, the moment you run a tap, she is there!   I know when she’s been playing in the kitchen sink by the tell-tale trail of wet paw prints that she leaves behind.  She is currently obsessed with watching me washing up and has now taken to sitting at the sink and occasionally dipping her paw in the suds.  I’m hoping that she’ll master the technique and wash the dishes for me…  Look and learn little cat.  She's also become much more vocal.

As we enter Spring, I’ve now resumed having my morning coffee in the Garden of Anxiety.  Despite the erratic winter, all the plants seemed to have survived and are showing the beginnings of new growth.  Due to the success of the two existing ones, I’ve gone Clematis crazy and bought three more, including the evergreen Winter flowering, Cirrhosa Freckles (which sounds like an unfortunate liver disease).   The roses seem relentless and have bounced back nicely.  I think I’m getting the hang of them now and will subject them to a harder prune next winter.  There is still a bit of hard landscaping to be finished but I’m looking forward to sunny days working outdoors.