Sunday, 14 May 2017

GARDEN: The Garden Shed Project ~ Part 2

The new pimped up and painted shed now looks like this:-

Window less & Cornered

After removing the concrete corrugated roof it was time to push & shove it into position.

In situ
If you look past the junk; old shelving, wood fencing,and other rubbish, you can see that there is now a nice large space to put in the Summerhouse.  The depth of the mini shed was determined by the silver birch on the right - leaving a walkway behind the Summerhouse to store pots and accommodate the compost bin, between trees.

 Using all the broken paving, bricks and other bits of stone as ballast, a foundation can be poured - like the one on the right.  Once that is done the whole thing can be levelled even by laying basic concrete paving slabs. You can buy these from most builders merchants for less than £3 for square foot and a half coverage.

The Shed
 The little outhouse is now ready to store the lawn mower, garden tools, plant food, paint cans, and any other unsightly stuff.

Finishing touches
And hopefully by the end of Summer there will be one of these...